Aetheria Block Museum

This is our contribution to Aetheria Block Musem, a VR experience to tell the history of blockchain Ethereum through art. The museum will have an official virtual reality location in the Aetheria district of Decentraland.

We created a data art representation of 8 notable Ethereum blocks. I coded the digital part using Processing. The digital part of each block contains two main structures:

  1. a background binary string, which corresponds to the hash (fingerprint) of the block. The block size determines the font size and the age of the block determines the amount of fluctuation of the string (the older the block, the less jittery the string).
  2. a foreground garden, which encodes the miner. This is drawn using a recursive procedure that inputs the hash of the miner and deterministically outputs a unique digital garden associated with the miner.

Each digital drawing was physically printed. Then Chiara Braidotti’s hand drew on it, adding elements inspired by the story behind the block (mostly using the block descriptions of the museum). Finally, the physical piece was put back in digital form and tokenized on SuperRare. All pieces have been acquired by Momus Collection.

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Block 0 — The Genesis, 2019, SuperRare
Block 4605346 — CryptoKitty #1 is born, 2019, SupeRare
Making of block 4605346 — CryptoKitty #1 is born