Generative Art Recoded

“The computer may be potentially as valuable a tool to the arts as it has already proven itself to be in the sciences” Michael Noll

Generative Art Recoded is an effort to preserve pioneering generative artworks by translating them into a modern programming language (Processing). Indeed, in most cases, the original code underlying these early masterpieces got lost, unfortunately. My goal is also to offer a learning resource of Processing for both art and science students using the same challenging process I followed:

  1. start from the original artwork;
  2. reverse engineer the code;
  3. match the outcomes of the code with the original artwork and possibly tune the code accordingly;
  4. tweak the code to obtain derivative versions of the original.

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Schotter (Take II), hex6c, 2020. SuperRare

Computer Composition With Lines (Take I), hex6c, 2020. KnownOrigin

Hommage à Paul Klee (Take II), hex6c, 2020. SuperRare