Warhol {stringed}

The work is dedicated to the father of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, that was chosen by Maecenas for the first auction that will fragment its value and distribute it through the blockchain.

The artwork is the result of a collaboration with artistic diptych Hackatao (original artwork and gif generation) and me (coding).

The original painting of Andy Warhol is made of graphite, acrylic, enamel, and ink on canvas. The generative layer is applied to a digital copy of the painting and consists of a sketch written in Processing. The sketch depicts the original image using a string of characters that form a text that speaks of the image itself. The result can be read through two channels that convey the same information – the visual channel (the image) and the symbolic channel (the text that forms the image) – a blend of meanings that brings out a result bigger to the sum of the parts.

The dynamics of the text are obtained using the technique known as Perlin noise, a visual effect that produces organic randomness, useful to simulate natural elements, developed by Ken Perlin working for the movie Tron (1982).